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2017-11-20 02:11 changing a columns data within irb for a heroku app »
I have an app on heroku which I need to alter. My app is a ruby on rails app and I am using the devise gem for sign in and the cancancan gem for auth...
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2017-01-04 20:01 Strange behavior with '_' (underscore) in Ruby »
Just curious about it. If you open the IRB and type _, you'll get nil as response: irb(main):001:0> _ => nil And you can modify its value: ...
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2016-12-13 06:12 Why Ruby outputs [[:rest]] when the parameter method is called on String objects? »
I was playing around on jruby irb and came across this phenomenon where the parameter method returns [[:rest]] when its invoked on a string method. Th...
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2016-09-06 18:09 jruby irb newline \r instead of \n »
Using jruby irb I get ^M instead of \n when hitting the return key. To reproduce: Run jruby irb i.e. java -jar jruby-complete-
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2016-09-03 07:09 Ruby initialize method not throwing wrong number of arguments error »
I have setup IRB for my Rails application. I have used following gems gem 'sprockets-rails', '<= 3.0.0' gem 'opal' gem 'opal-rails', '0.8.0' gem ...
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2016-07-29 17:07 How do some files not execute when required in irb? »
If I have file.rb: puts "Hello, World" then in irb type: require "./file.rb" the output will be Hello, World. Why then, if I have a sinatra fil...
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2016-06-16 02:06 IRB history not working with Ruby 2.3.0 »
I have Ruby 2.3.0p0 installed via rbenv, on OS X 10.11.4. Within an IRB session, history works fine. However, I cannot access IRB history across sessi...
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2016-05-06 12:05 Singleton class and instance variables »
Why does the instance_variables method not show @var_one against the variable a? a = def a.my_eval; yield end a.my_eval { @var_one = 1 }...
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2016-02-27 18:02 Unable to Start IRB via Terminal »
I installed Ruby + Rails using the instructions provided by I'm trying to launch IRB in the Terminal, and I get the followin...
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2016-01-26 02:01 How to call a Sinatra route from IRB console »
I loaded my app into IRB console by typing irb into bash then in the console using: require 'myapp.rb' It all worked successfully, now I want to...
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2016-01-10 19:01 How to stop class initializer from printing object in Ruby? »
Whenever I instantiate a new method from IRB it prints a bunch of stuff that I don't find necessary. Is this expected behavior? Can I stop it from h...
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2015-11-29 20:11 Writing a custom IRB »
I'm playing around with all sorts of small hardware. In an attempt to learn it. I would like to run mruby. I've compiled for my hardware. And have the...
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2015-11-06 08:11 require 'java' fails in irb »
I'm new to jruby and to irb and I seem to have an issue with requiring java. Here is what happens: irb(main):001:0> require 'java' LoadError: cann...
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