Question: Differences between aspnetcidev vs aspnetvnext?


Differences between aspnetcidev vs aspnetvnext?

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Added at 2016-01-04 18:01

What are the differences between and

I see that aspnetcidev says "quick builds" but what does this mean?

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Differences between aspnetcidev vs aspnetvnext?

nr: #1 dodano: 2016-01-04 19:01

I'm abrade that you can get the exact answer on the question only from Microsoft. You can open and filter for "aspnet" for example and will find many other repositories published for different teams.

For me more interesting is the information displayed by .NET Version Manager: dnvm (without parameters):

enter image description here

Thus, for me, the source (or is the "official" place for the night builds of ASP.NET 5.

On the other side by filtering of "aspnet" you can see that aspnetvnext contains more distinct packages as aspnetcidev.

enter image description here

It's clear that both repositories probably contains different set of packages.

One important example where the repository be used is the new .NET Command Line Interface (.NET CLI) which you find on GitHub here. The new dotnet utility uses together with many other sources in

I suppose that AspNetCIDev is the repository of packages required for .NET CLI. It's the utility, which should replace dnx and dnu in RC2 of ASP.NET 5. See the post, this one and some other.

nr: #2 dodano: 2016-01-04 20:01

The ASP.NET build system uses 3 myget feeds for each branch +

  • aspnetvolatile<branch> (aspnetvolatiledev/aspnetvolatilerelease)
  • aspnetci<branch> (aspnetcidev/aspnetcirelease)
  • aspnetvnext (dev branch)/aspnetrelease (release branch)

After each repo under builds successfully, each package produced by it is pushed to the corresponding volatile feed.

After the graph of repos is build, we trigger the Coherence build. This build verifies that the packages have matching versions and their references are correct (that they are coherent). Then, it pushes them to aspnetci<branch>.

Once the Coherence build passes, we run all our tests on the packages in the aspnetci<branch> feed. If the tests pass, we sign the packages and ship them to aspnetvnext or aspnetrelease

So the differences are:

  • aspnetvolatile<branch>

    • latest packages
    • possible not coherent
    • not tested
    • not signed
    • updated on every checkin
    • mostly used to diagnose build failure
  • aspnetci<branch>

    • possible not latest
    • coherent
    • not tested
    • not signed
    • updated when all repos build successfully
    • used by our build system
  • aspnetvnext/ (aspnetrelease|

    • possible not latest
    • coherent
    • signed
    • tested
    • updated when everything works
    • used for stable packages

Once the aspnetcirelease feed is stable, we push the packages from it to

Unless you work on developing new features for ASP.NET, I recommend that you use aspnetvnext (for dev bits) or (for release bits). The release feed (aspnetrelease) is just a staging feed and it's not always in a good shape.


I think it's easier to understand from a table: enter image description here

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