Question: ASP.NET 5 API - Azure AD B2C


ASP.NET 5 API - Azure AD B2C

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Added at 2016-01-13 11:01

I'm currently developing an application and almost finished my front-end. So I want to start with the back-end.

I used to program in ASP.NET 4, but since I start a brand new application (B2C and B2B) I thought it meight be intresting to make it in ASP.NET 5 API.

Now my biggest issue is authentication. There is no standard implementation provided in the template.

I'm only intrested in Azure AD Authentication and prefere Azure B2C AD for really cutting the edge.

I only find documentation to use Azure AD B2C in ASP.NET 4. After hours of searching, I still don't find documentation on using Azure AD B2C in an ASP.NET 5 API...

Can someone help me finding proper documentation or help me on the way?

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ASP.NET 5 API - Azure AD B2C

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