Question: Flux Handling Action State


Flux Handling Action State

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Added at 2016-04-04 00:04

When i am correct in flux there are 2 different kinds of state

  • Application State (in Stores)
  • View State (in the Component)

i am trying to build a CRUD application using flux and don't understand what's the smartest way to deal with action state.

consider i've a page with 2 components that are responsible for creating a blogpost. so a editor could choose if the want to use component1 or component2 to create the blogpost.

by pressing on the save button on component1 the component is sending an BLOGPOST_CREATE_ACTION.

In the component i want to display the lifecycle of the action:

  • Sending blogpost to the server
  • Blogpost is saved or saving failed

The store can keep track of these states and can emit when it changes. But as i've 2 different components looking at the same store, the state change would take effect on both of my components.

Flux is build for keeping everything consistent, but in this case i want to get status (including error) informations independent for every component.

How do you deal with such "issues"?

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Flux Handling Action State

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