Question: How to release large Ruby Gem?


How to release large Ruby Gem?

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Added at 2016-12-20 15:12

I´m finishing a Ruby Gem that depends on Chromium (jxBrowser). Chromium is quite large and has versions for linux, mac and windows. Releasing this gem to RubyGem is not possible, as the gem size is larger than supported by RubyGem. So, are there any recommendations on where/how to release this? I´d love to keep it in RubyGem as my other gens were released there. Should I release an installer in RubyGem and put the files in GitHub? What´s the best way?

Thanks for any hints and suggestions....

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How to release large Ruby Gem?

nr: #1 dodano: 2016-12-20 15:12

You can ask your users to install the gem from git (bundler:, Install Gem from Github Branch?).

This will result in a line like

gem 'hard_drive_expander', github: 'rodrigo/hard_drive_expander'

in a Gemfile (or a bit a lengthier process for gem install - do you intend 'library' kind of usage or standalone installations). Note that depending on your scenario you could have an installer gem that depends on the "github-hosted" gem, or downloads and builds/installs it (both seem like dirty solutions to me though, its not what I expect or commonly see).

Although github does place quotas on your repositories, you will probably not hit them (

Another option is to host it yourself (

Sorry for the "linky" answer.

However, @icguida and @engineersmnky s comments to your question are very worth considering: Do you really need to include chromium?


There is a gem that will hook into gem to allow for usage like this: gem specific_install The gem is called specific_install: .

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