Question: Can I test that a Sinatra post method successfully saves to a YAML store?


Can I test that a Sinatra post method successfully saves to a YAML store?

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Added at 2016-12-24 02:12

I can't find a basic explanation anywhere about how I can test, with Rack::Test, that a Ruby/Sinatra post method successfully saves data to a YAML store/file. (This explains testing get, which I can do(!), but not post; other mentions of testing post methods with rack/test seem irrelevant.) For self-study, I'm building a "to do" app in Ruby/Sinatra and I'm trying to use TDD everything and unit test like a good little boy. A requirement I have is: When a user posts a new task, it is saved in the YML store.

I was thinking of testing this either by seeing if a "Task saved" was shown in the response to the user (which of course isn't directly testing the thing itself...but is something I'd also like to test):

assert last_response.body.include?("Task saved")

or by somehow testing that a test task's description is now in the YML file. I guess I could open up the YML file and look, and then delete it from the YML file, but I'm pretty sure that's not what I'm supposed to do.

I've confirmed post does correctly save to a YML file:

get('/') do |*user_message|
  # prepare erb messages
  @user_message = session[:message] if session[:message]
  @overlong_description = session[:overlong_description] if
  session[:message] = nil # clear message after being used
  session[:overlong_description] = nil # ditto
  @tasks = store.all
  erb :index #, user_message => {:user_message => params[:user_message]}

post('/newtask') do
  @task =, params)
  # decide whether to save & prepare user messages
  if @task.complete == true # task is complete!
    @task.message << " " + "Task saved!"
    session[:message] = @task.message # use session[:message] for user messages
    @task.message = ""
    @task.message << " " + "Not saved." # task incomplete
    session[:message] = @task.message # use session[:message] for user messages
    session[:overlong_description] = @task.overlong_description if
    @task.message = ""
    @task.overlong_description = nil
  redirect '/'

As you can see, it ends in a response I want to test is actually on the slash route, not on the /newtask route.

So of course the test doesn't work:

  def test_post_newtask
    post('/newtask', params = {"description"=>"Test task 123"})
    # Test that "saved" message for user is in returned page
    assert last_response.body.include?("Task saved") # boooo

Github source here

If you can give me advice on a book (chapter, website, blog, etc.) that goes over this in a way accessible to a relative beginner, I'd be most grateful.

Be gentle...I'm very new to testing (and programming).

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Can I test that a Sinatra post method successfully saves to a YAML store?

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