Question: Is there any DSYM file for .framework (besides app)?


Is there any DSYM file for .framework (besides app)?

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Added at 2016-12-25 16:12

I am a new guy in OC programming. Now I am involved in a framework development project. I know the framework works as a library, which contains a group of methods. It's not an application that can run on devices. Actually, our framework will work with customer's application. We want to investigate what happened inside our framework when customer's application crashed. So I want the 'DSYM' file of our framework, instead of an application. As far as I know any iOS application does have corresponded 'DSYM', but I didn't find the 'DSYM' of our framework.

Does iOS framework project have 'DSYM'? If it does have, how can I obtain it? By the way, I am using Xcode 8.1. Thanks!

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Is there any DSYM file for .framework (besides app)?

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DSYM (Debugging SYMbols) files generally store the debugging symbols for your app. And if app crash any where symbols replaced with appropriate method name so that it could help developer in a readable form. And for that you can use the crash log and they can be find in the iPhone where the app is installed. Each app and device have their own crash log.

Also please check this link it might help you.

Read Crash Report

Upload Symbols for iOS Framework

Hopefully these might help you or guide in the right direction.

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