Question: Most efficient global property implementation in QML


Most efficient global property implementation in QML

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Added at 2016-12-29 20:12

I am currently using properties, declared in the root qml file, and they work globally, because of dynamic scoping, but I am worrying that eventually they will pose too much lookup overhead, especially as the object tree grows deeper, which it eventually will.

There is also the possibility to use a context property object, however that increases verbosity, and also:

The disadvantage is that the v4 engine can not deal with dynamic objects, for example those exported from C++ via setContextProperty(). A binding containing such a dynamic object will be part of QV8Bindings.

From what I've read singletons should be even more efficient in terms of lookup performance, but they are even more verbose - requiring both import statements and accessing individual properties as singleton members rather than directly, and last but not least there is also the age old yet still unfixed QTBUG-34418 which is detrimental when using QML over network.

So what would be the most efficient way to implement a set of global properties in QML, considering the following criteria:

  • lookup performance
  • ease of use / low verbosity
  • compatibility with Settings to make the value changes persist across application runs
  • must support value change notifications and automatic binding updates
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Most efficient global property implementation in QML

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