Question: Mysql-query "order" does not work on providers server


Mysql-query "order" does not work on providers server

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Added at 2016-12-31 15:12

I have the simple SQL-query:

SELECT * FROM roadtrips
ORDER BY start_datum DESC, 
         von_benutzername DESC;

(where start_datum is start_date) which works on my local server (Version: ibmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503). With working I mean that the results are ordered for start_date. It also does work in phpmyadmin-enviroment of my provider (Version: phpMyAdmin - MySQL-Client-Version: 5.1.61, my provider is: (domain factory) ) but it does not work - and that means the results are not ordered for start_date - when I access my website where the sql from above is executed. What could be the reasons for this?

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