Question: Facebook login in JWT


Facebook login in JWT

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Added at 2017-01-01 21:01

I have developed token based spring security using JWT referring this project in git Now I need to get facebook login in my application. For social login, I found another web page which explains how the social login must be carried out.

In the normal login, my JWT project creates a token based on username, password, expiry date and time of creation. Everytime the token comes, all values from above fields are retrieved and compared to authenticate the token and then served. I've two questions:

  1. In the social login, there will be no password created. A token will be received from the facebook(my frontend does this). I have to verify if the token is valid or not. How am I supposed to do it in JWT?
  2. After verifying as per the article I'm supposed to create my own token for future reference. Now, there is no password in facebook login. How do I create the token?

Let me know if there are any good site available for social login using JWT in spring boot applictaion.

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Facebook login in JWT

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