Question: Link to dynamic active class?


Link to dynamic active class?

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Added at 2017-01-02 14:01

router for routing purpose in my react app.

Mine routing is defined in given manner:

<Route path={food/:cuisine/:pageNo} component={foodList}

and my navBar have following navigation:

<Link to={"/food/italian/1"} activeClassName="active">Italian</Link>
<Link to={"/food/indian/1"} activeClassName="active">Indian</Link>

but when visit page no. 2("/food/indian/2") of that component then myActive class of navBar is not showing. If there are any alternate method to solve this problem then it will be great.


PS: I don't want to put all conditions like because the app has more than 15 different cuisine

    //then add .active in my Link to class


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Link to dynamic active class?

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