Question: Accessing a WordPress Database from a mobile app


Accessing a WordPress Database from a mobile app

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Added at 2017-01-02 21:01

I have a WordPress website with custom tables that I store data into that was entered by customers. The site owner wants to develop a barcode app that can access this data. When I need the data from these fields to display within the site, I request it from a PHP script running on the server that make calls like get_post_meta().

The owner has hired a mobile app consultant who believes that, if he just has the password to the account where the site is hosted, he can access all of these database fields from the app.

I'm not seeing how this is possible. My understanding is that a mobile app can only access a site by making HTTP requests to it. It has no way of running on the server and executing things like get_post_meta().

Am I missing something?


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Accessing a WordPress Database from a mobile app

nr: #1 dodano: 2017-01-02 23:01

I think you are missing something. Wordpress now has a rest api that can allow a mobile application get at data in your database by making http requests.

The developer will need to be able to enable the Rest Api, but if you give her the password, she will probably be able to do so. Typically this is done using a plugin like: WP Rest API which enables a set of default endpoints which includes post meta data and allows you to add other endpoints

Depending on how the custom tables are set up, they might not be automatically available to the Rest API. However, if you are able to access them using get_post_meta() then I would expect that they would be accessible to the Rest API as well, most likely by adding endpoints.

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