Question: ColdFusion cfftp getfile exceeds timeout


ColdFusion cfftp getfile exceeds timeout

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Added at 2017-01-05 18:01

I am running CF 11. I have a file on a SFTP server that I want to get. This is a zip file about 60MB in size.

I can get the SFTP connection. However, when I use action="getfile" to get the file to my local. The error that I am getting is, "getFile operation exceeded TIMEOUT". The local file size always stops at around 15MB. I have tried specifying the timeout to 999999 in the cfftp tag, setting passive to false in the cfftp tag, and adding the cfsetting tag to set requesttimeout to 999999. The behavior stays the same.

I have looked everywhere in CF admin and I don't seem to find where this 15MB is specified. Would anybody be able to help me solve this problem please?

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ColdFusion cfftp getfile exceeds timeout

nr: #1 dodano: 2017-01-05 20:01

There are a couple of timers in play here; the FTP timer and the ColdFusion page request timer since you are calling a CFML page to do this.

To increase the ColdFusion timer you need to use the cfsetting tag on the page using the cfftp tag. Like,

<cfsetting requestTimeout="3600" />

To increase the FTP timer you need to use the timeout setting of the cfftp tag itself. What's tricky here is that if you are using a cached FTP connection (using the connection attribute) you need to add the timeout attribute to the open call of your CFFTP tag.

You will need to use both of these settings to increase the overall timeout for these requests.

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