Question: Django inspectdb skips tables with constraints


Django inspectdb skips tables with constraints

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Added at 2017-01-05 05:01

I read a few topics on this, but none really seemed to offer a solution in inspectdb, or an alternative, that permits Django to make models for an existing database where some of the tables have constraints.

So I ran python inspectdb > It did a mostly good job of creating models for the existing database that do require some tweaks, but is mostly done. However, it skips tables that have constraints on them, saying:

Unable to inspect table 'users'
The error was: list index out of range

Duplicate the table and remove constraints, it now compiles a model for the table. Cool. Just manually add them back.

Is there a way to get inspectdb to include tables with constraints? Or an alternative tool that compiles models from tables in an existing databases? PostgreSQL in this case.

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