Question: iOS Game Crash - [MC] System group container for


iOS Game Crash - [MC] System group container for

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Added at 2017-09-06 18:09

I get the following error in Xcode console:

2017-09-06 19:30:18.716705+0300 App Name [872:246266] [RevMob] Starting RevMobAds 2017-09-06 19:30:18.733652+0300 App Name[872:246266] [MC] System group container for path is /private/var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/ 2017-09-06 19:30:18.734925+0300 App Name[872:246266] [MC] Reading from public effective user settings. 2017-09-06 19:30:19.161180+0300 App Name[872:246266] Flurry: Starting session on Agent Version [Flurry_iOS_199_8.1.0] (lldb)

App crash on App Start. On the device, I see only the splash screen or launch image, nothing else. None of the third party SDKs are causing issues since I tested and removed them one by one, but the issue persisted.

This is a slots game, it does not use the Photo Gallery to use Privacy - Camera Usage Description and Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description to cause this error in info.plist. Clearly, that's not the case.

Here's a screenshot in Xcode to emphasize this issue in more details:

iOS Game Crash

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iOS Game Crash - [MC] System group container for

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