Question: Has the paged media module been abandoned?


Has the paged media module been abandoned?

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Added at 2017-09-06 17:09

I've followed the steps in this article to arrange my page for printing. However, only a couple of things seem to actually work. I can't get selectors such as @top-center to work at all in Chrome, Firefox or Opera, even though caniuse says it should work in most major browsers.

Has this been quietly abandoned or deprecated?

I'm pretty sure it's correct, but I'll post my CSS here for reference anyway:

@page {
  @bottom-right {
      content: "...";

The content doesn't show up anywhere.

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Has the paged media module been abandoned?

nr: #1 dodano: 2017-09-06 18:09

The WD that is linked to by the article is from 2013. The CSSWG doesn't tend to keep their WDs at up to date despite implementations rapidly updating themselves to match the editor's drafts (ED). They don't even publish yearly revisions. This is true not only of css-page-3, but also selectors-4, and prior to its rewrite css-content was left abandoned for over 10 years.

EDs tend to be updated regularly, sometimes even nightly. For example, the css-page-3 ED was just updated a week ago, so while the WD is collecting dust, the module itself hasn't been abandoned and is in fact in active development.

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